We represent in Latin America the software Simultrain, own by the Swiss Company STS who belongs to the International Company Demos Group.

SimulTrain is a simulator used in project management training programs. Just as flight simulators are used to train pilots, project simulators are used to train project managers.

For several hours at a time, SimulTrain confronts learners with the situations and problems that arise in a project. Thanks to SimulTrain, learners immediately see the consequences of the decisions they make. Furthermore, they can track the evolution of the scope, schedule, costs, quality, human resources, communications and risks.

The software may easily be integrated into existing training programs. The simulation program usually takes place on 8 hours in classroom training with participants working in groups of 3 to 4 people.

MasConsulting not only sell the software, but also an integrated simulation program with certified instructors.

Contact person: Andrés Sananes

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